Saddle shoes are also thought about as official leather footwear. There are various types for different lifestyles.

Saddle shoes are two-toned formal leather shoes. These are white shoes with a colored saddle throughout the center of the shoe. The color is normally white and black. The toe and back of it are white. It can be used by both males and females, in different designs. It varies from ultra high platforms to golf cleats.

This kind of shoes has these functions:
-eyelets and
-Tongues are black in color.

The vamp and in-step are shaped like a saddle in the center. A coordinating black strip runs on the back of the shoe heel. Some saddle shoes have a buckle on top of the black strip. These saddle shoes’ sole includes various “low heeled” sole that has a coral coloration. Saddle shoe makers have made saddle shoes in various color mixes and designs. Saddle shoes are flexible that it can match any closet.

Saddle shoes were initially offered in1906. They were first worn by boys. Women began using them throughout the 1920s. But throughout the 50s, these shoes were typically worn by females with:
* poodle skirt
* white blouse and
* white cuffed ankle socks

The clothing styles then were:
-tight fitting blouses
-pirate trousers
-pedal pushers
-Peter Pan collared blouse
-Twin sweater t-shirt
-Cinched belt
-Pleated skirts and others

Saddle shoes are considered as stylish shoes. They are worn like loafers before tennis shoes became fashionable shoes. They are not endured formal celebrations by young boys. They can be endured casual celebrations, by older young boys and matching them with sport jackets

Guy’s saddle shoes or males’s saddle oxfords were known even during the post-war era. This occurred when they were:
-dancing jitterbug and
-listening to the vinyl album of Elvis Presley

At that time, the market demanded men’s saddle shoes, which later on produced many men’s two-toned colored saddle shoes.

Saddle shoes are impressive since they can be used by boys of all ages. Normally, older kids do not use designs used by younger boys. Saddle shoes appear to have actually appropriated to all age groups.

Saddle shoes for guys are still extremely much readily available in the market. Today, guys’s variety saddle shoes come in various designs. There are even athletic guys’s range saddle shoes for really active people. For the golf enthusiasts, there are “golf saddle” shoes. For this reason, water resistant guys’s range saddle shoes are out in the market too. For those who choose the casual variety, saddle oxfords are recommendable. These are popular among executives.

At current, males use saddle shoes for golf and often with retro outfits. A great deal of golf saddles have a traditional saddle appearance. They have advance functions for convenience and assistance. Sporty or athletic saddle shoes now have shock soaking up mid-soles and stabilizers. Stylish saddles even have superb toe-hold. This is another reason that they are understood amongst golf players. Having a shoe with great toe-hold is very important when playing golf, particularly when swinging or putting.

If you want to rock-and-roll, you can try the fashion shoes that replaced the loafers. Saddle shoes, specifically for the more youthful generation, are thought about outstanding among all other American shoes.

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