Some people stop to smell the roses. I stop to enjoy the world pass. When I see boys using over-sized clothing and girls dressing up in Brittany Spears’ clothing, I smile. Now I know how my mother felt when I teased my hair, used blue eye shadow and dated boys with sideburns and greased- back hair.

Brides have their hair and makeup expertly done for their weddings. Do not grooms question why their bride-to-bes never bothered to look that good prior to? If they don’t wonder about that, they’re just a honeymoon far from realizing their fiancees may never ever look that great again.

After the honeymoon shouldn’t it be both the bride-to-be and the groom who write the thank-you notes for the china and flatware? They’re both going to use them. Of course, the thank you keep in mind to me will be for the cases of meal detergent and silver polish.

When you’ve had kids, you understand the noise of children yelling in restaurants sounds loudest to the parents. It’s amplified by mortification. When these households with the yelling kids chose Sunday drives. Now they stay house and watch cars and truck goes after on regional TELEVISION.

Now that age sixty is the new fifty and age fifty is the brand-new forty, clothes makers have actually made size twelve the new 10 and size 10 the new eight. They understand females are most likely to purchase brand names that make them feel thinner.

Vanity is available in all shapes and sizes – but not for men. Women pay extra for jeans with holes in them. Men will use holes in their denims to the point of em-bare-ass-ment. When a guy is waiting to cross a street, he repeatedly presses the traffic light button. For him it’s a remote control on a pole.

Some state individuals look like their pets. A heavyset male with a Chihuahua? I don’t believe so. They show their characters. Friendly, energetic, aggressive – it’s support over nature. It’s the dogged reality.
And those people who say they do not like animals have forgotten they are animals.

Individuals who do not vote should not have the right to grumble about the federal government. People who grumble they don’t have time to patronize a natural food store must check out the labels on food product packaging in the grocery store.

Then once again, we all matured being informed a watched pot never boils. I do not know about you, however I’m still seeing.

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