With Mother’s Day right around the corner it is time to prepare the wedding day. If you are trying to find something fun to do, a Mother’s Day tea ceremony may be simply your cup of tea. What much better method to celebrate the mother-daughter bond than dressing up in poodle skirts, wearing elegant, embellished hats, and playing silly games with each other.A proper

tea ceremony need to be a dress-up celebration. Poodle skirts are a fun costume idea for a tea ceremony. Poodle skirts are readily available in both adult and kid sizes, so both mama and children will be able to use matching costumes.A tea celebration would not be a tea ceremony with out a tea set. There are lots of places to discover a tea set that fits your needs. They come anywhere from actually elegant sets to inexpensive, children tea sets.Do an enjoyable craft together. One great idea is to make a high-tea celebration hat. Purchase affordable sun hats and glue phony flowers and jewels on them.You can even make tissue paper flowers

to go with the hat. There are plenty of simple tutorials online, such as this one found on the kaboose craft website. Tissue flowers can work as stunning decors as well.You can attempt introducing tea for the tea party, but pink lemonade may be a better option for kids. Serve delicious sandwiches, glazed scones, and other favorite appetisers. For dessert attempt serving these charming tea cakes.Have enjoyable with good manners. Make it enjoyable for everybody by explaining the”table rules” before the celebration starts.

Always state please and thank you when requesting for items on the table. Never ever leave the table with out being excused first. No slurping, and utilize your napkins.If you are looking for a fun party video game we have simply the one for you -Mrs. Mumbles! This classic video game is a great deal of fun for children

and parents. The point of the Mrs. Mumbles game is to go the entire time with out showing your teeth. The first person starts by stating” Excuse me, is Mrs. Mumbles home?”with their teeth firmly over their teeth. The person they asked, also not showing their teeth, must reply” I don’t understand. Let me ask my neighbor” and then turn and ask their neighbor if Mrs. Mumbles is home. If anybody shows their teeth they are out of the video game, and the video game continues till the last person is left. Hip Hop 50’s Shop specializes in Children and Adult Poodle Skirts, crinoline slips, saddle oxford shoes and total 50’s costumes.

We are passionate about Sock Hops and the 1950’s, so our experts share lots of guidance and suggestions on our blog site. Come check out anytime. pixabay