My appearances aren’t mine. I could tell you I appear like Jacquelyn Smith with blonde hair or Diane Sawyer with short hair or Jamie Lee Curtis with better movie options, but my looks depend on how others see me.

Technically, I appear like the mix of my mother’s egg and my dad’s sperm; but because they didn’t appear like Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, that’s not much help.

I have a standard poodle. If people appear like their pet dogs, I look like I’m having an excellent hair day after he’s groomed.

In LA individuals are stated to appear like their cars and trucks due to the fact that we spend so much time in them. Because I have a ’69 Mercedes, I hope I look like I’m enhancing with age.

If you evaluate a book by its cover, mine is black. I wear black because it’s useful, everything matches and I’m always ready for the demise of a goldfish.

Wearing a wedding event ring makes me look wed, using a watch makes me look accountable and using heels with denims makes me appear like I have high expectations.

Then there’s the school of idea that says by acting confident or successful or stylish or whatever, you can deceive your subconscious and become those things. If that holds true, I can look positive about successfully looking graceful in my new, three-inch heels – other than on Mondays. I understand how I search Mondays – not all set for a brand-new week.

Allegedly a video camera never ever lies; however when my photo is taken, I’m sure it overemphasizes – especially my hips.

When it pertains to mirrors, some people believe you’ll have seven years misfortune if you break one. I’m not superstitious. I believe you’ll have misfortune just if the mirror is changed.

My grandmother thought a female had the face she desired up until age forty then she had the face she deserved. Plastic surgery has actually made sixty the brand-new forty; but in spite of age-defying, collagen-enhanced cosmetics, Grandma thought a lady wouldn’t shimmer without inner charm.

I hope I shimmer. Shimmer is just exactly what my black outfits need. Although I think I look much better than I did 10 years back, my eyes are 10 years older.

A couple of weeks ago somebody informed me I look just like her buddy. I wish to see her pal so I ‘d understand how I look to others. For myself, I simply wish to look happy.

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