Statement pieces were the order of business from stars on the 2009 Oscar red carpet. Few chose to use bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings together, instead most decided to use either a declaration wrist cuff or necklace to optimize the glamour without looking overdone.Perhaps with a nod to the current financial recession the stars definitely appeared to be focusing on a single signature piece rather than piling on the bling. In regards to design and colors, silver seemed to be the front runner in the style stakes rather than gold. This gives fans a fantastic opportunity to copy the latest red carpet takes a look at a fraction of the price.The message from the Oscars seems to be wear one essential piece of fashion jewelry, with very really simple styling, not beaded, and classic rather than edgy. The stars seemed to have been encouraged to use either a necklace or a bracelet but not both!Kate Winslett lead the way with an easy however classy bracelet with diamond earrings. Supporting actress candidate Taraji P Henson simply wore a sensational diamond cuff-style necklace in exactly what appeared to be a flower design.In contrast, Heidi Klum seemed to get the appearance wrong and over did it with numerous girls bracelets and large sweeping earrings which curved around her face.Celebrities constantly want

their couture gowns to do all the talking, there were a great deal of understated earrings, in button instead of drop designs. Button style earrings constantly boost the total look

, however do not distract from the dress. One wearer who marched wearing the exception to the understated earrings of her fellow stars was Angelina Jolie. Angelina decided to use large dynamic Fred Leighton emerald drop earrings and a matching emerald mixed drink ring. In keeping with the trend though, she appeared without pendant or bracelets so maintained a cool, classic look.For males designer jewellery and decor, apart from cuff-links, are barely noticeable-we didn’t find any guys bracelets. Brad Pitt did reveal off some elegant metal t-shirt buttons, and a few other male stars chose an understated silver brooch to use on their tuxedo lapels.However the precious jewelry talking point of the night had to be Mickey Rourke’s choker design mens locket. Nominated for Finest Star for his role in The Wrestler, Rourke stepped out onto the Oscar red carpet wearing a pendant around his neck bearing a picture of the his departed pet Loki the chihuahua, together with his off-white Jean Paul Gaultier tuxedo and open-necked t-shirt. The author star spots guys bracelets and mens designer jewellery for designer jewellery business 5teel. campaign