Good friends of mine deal with a toy poodle named Reggie. Prior to you go into any presumptions that you know precisely what kind of animal Reggie is, understand that this does not in any method apply to Reggie. Reggie is a very tiny fur ball, whose delicate rib cage is clearly felt beneath his skin and fur. He has none of the yappy, frustrating qualities connected with a lot of toy poodles. He is endlessly entertaining– simply being Reggie. Reggie prances cutely always– no dog-style skulking here! Wherever Reggie goes, people love him, admire him and are brought in to him. His whole life has to do with play. Reggie is completely present, alert, focused and alive every waking minute. He does not sleep his life away like most pets. He looks out, but not hyper.

Simply watching Reggie, you can learn lots of lessons.

1.) Life has to do with being completely present to what is going on in every minute. Living worry complimentary– not thinking of the future– is a wondrous way to live. Seeing Reggie live like that is a things lesson to all who know him.

2.) Being lovable automatically produces an unimaginably rich life. This canine can go anywhere and have instant buddies and hear the ooohing and aaahing of admiring strangers. People who don’t like dogs enjoy this canine. If there were such a thing as pet dog paparazzi (would they be called yapperazzi?), Reggie would have them following him day and night.

3.) None of this attention appears to go to his head in any method. He hardly seems even to be knowledgeable about it, much less to be affected by it. If anything, there are times when the attention irritates him.

4.) In spite of being tiny, Reggie sees himself as a big pet dog. Reggie weighs about two pounds and he will go up to and ferociously bark in the face of pet dogs who overlook him and weigh in at 100-150 pounds. Reggie does not back down, and terrifies the huge pets away. He’s a lesson in fearlessness.

5.) Though he is tiny, Reggie has presence. If he’s around you understand it. His perky stance and quiet assertion of his presence– merely “owning” his space– will attract your attention and bring a smile to your face.

6.) Reggie is unparalleled in his ability to amuse himself and others. He has a cravings for play that appears without limit. What a great trait to imitate.

7.) Interest and interest– exactly what would the world be like if we all lived as enthusiastically and with as much curiosity as Reggie? He is enthusiastic about whatever– not in a yappy or thrilled or upset method, but simply in an intense, alert and curious method. He doesn’t make a lot of fuss about anything, however he clearly has a passion for life. It’s as if he’s stating, “While I’m here, I’m not missing anything!”

8.) Reggie has the most remarkable assertiveness of any small creature I’ve ever seen. If he does not desire to go somewhere, he will plant his feet and not budge, drawing back with the full blast of his entire 2 pounds body weight. You can not make him go forward without choking him on his leash. If you select him as much as move forward, he resists with all his capability. He knows exactly what he desires and quietly and unswervingly asserts it.

9.) Reggie hates being restricted. He’s certainly a flexibility caring animal. He does not like dog crates, pens, or providers. He ‘d run in the wild if his human good friends did not fear he ‘d be eaten by coyotes.

10. More than anything though, Reggie is “in your home”– comfy– in his own skin. This is probably Reggie’s biggest lesson– the capability to feel comfortable anywhere. He believes that the world is his. He is in command of all he sees. We humans need to work so hard to establish this degree of proficiency. For Reggie, it is simple and easy. What a lovely example to follow. Just BEING is enough. Reggie’s never read about “lilies of the field”– yet, he lives it.

If just all of us could live as Reggie lives, courageous, passionate, adorable, fun and assertive– truly taking pleasure in all that life has to use us. Existing in the minute and totally free of worry about the future, being enjoyed anywhere we are and wherever we go. Entertaining others and being easily entertained– Reggie’s life is a fine example of how life is indicated to be lived. Observing his methods calms me and teaches me– and constantly makes me laugh.

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