Recording in Malta began in the 1970s. Among the earliest movies shot in Malta is “Whale: Killer Whale.” The 1977 movie starred Richard Harris as Captain Nolan and Charlotte Rampling as Rachel Bedford. The film accentuated the plight of the killer whale and introduced film viewers to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and parts of Malta.Popeye Village In 1980, Sweethaven Village was created on Malta. The Robin Williams motion picture was shot in Malta, and the Sweethaven Village still stands today. Though it is not being used to film movies, it still serves the island well as a tourist attraction. The town is open to travelers seven days each week and offers a variety of family activities.A Previous Engagement The current film to be recorded completely on the island of Malta was”A Previous


“starring Juliet Stevenson and Daniel Stern. The Canadian-Maltese co-production was released in the U.S. in May 2008. In conjunction with the motion picture’s opening, a contest has actually been arranged. One winner will receive an all-expenses-paid holiday to Malta and remain in the Xara Palace in Mdina where the motion picture was filmed.Other motion pictures that have been filmed in Malta consist of: *”Midnight Express.” Some scenes were shot at Fort St. Elmo in 1978.

*”Raise the Titanic “in 1980. * “Cutthroat Island.”The popular Geena Davis and Matthew Modine movie was shot mainly near Vittoriosa. Some scenes were recorded in Mdina, Fort St. Elmo and the Dingli Cliffs.
Water tanks were provided by the Mediterranean Film Studios. *”White Squall.”The storm experienced in this motion picture was filmed at the Mediterranean Movie Studios in 1996. *”U-571.”The star-studded cast included Matthew McConnaughey, Jon

Bon Jovi, Harvey Kitel and Costs Paxton. The tanks utilized in the film are the home of the Mediterranean Film Studios. One night-time scene was recorded in the city of Valletta at the Grand Harbor in 2000. *”The Count of Monte Cristo.” In 2002, Valletta and Vittoriosa were temporarily transformed into Marseille for the recording of this motion picture. The lovemaking scene was filmed on the rocks near Fort St. Elmo

. St Mary’s Tower on Comino served as the Chateau d’If. *” Pinocchio. “The 2002 production of Pinocchio included scenes filmed in the Mediterranean Movie Studios. *” Swept Away.”The 2002 development of Madonna and Guy Ritchie was filmed on both Comino and Malta.

Madonna’s snorkeling scene was shot at heaven Lagoon on Comino. *”Helen of Troy.” The 2003 mini series was recorded at Fort Ricasoli and on Comino at the Blue Lagoon. *”The League of Remarkable Gentlemen.” This 2003 hit starred Sean Connery and was shot on Gozo at Xlendi. The submarine scenes were shot at the Mediterranean Movie Studios. * “Troy.”The 2004 blockbuster hit starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom was recorded at Fort

Ricasoli. Parts were recorded in Mellieha and on Comino Island. The movie’s manufacturers utilized Malta’s natural appeal and ruins to improve the credibility of the film. *”A Various Commitment.

” Starring Sharon Stone, this film was filmed in 2004 at Fort St. Elmo, which gives a graph of the city of Beirut. Parts of the film were shot on the Golden Sands Beach. *”Alexander.”In 2004, Valletta’s Grand Harbor doubled for the ancient port city of Alexandria. The film starred Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell. * “Gladiator.”The Russell Crowe motion picture was contended a reproduction developed at Fort Ricasoli with a night time scene being shot simply outside Vittoriosa at Couvre Port. For additional details about Malta, consisting of airlines who have flight to Malta provides visit They also have a map of Malta plus acommodation with reviews for hotels in Malta pixabay