Since ladies are little one of their favorite things to do is dress up and play pretend. They dress up in children poodle skirts, bulky shoes that were much to big for them, and princess dresses. How fantastic that 50 years later on, these very same women can still have a good time dressing up in poodle skirts, hats, and enjoyable clothing for Red Hat occasions for Red Hat ladies over the age of 50. Here are even more stories of the fun events these women have dressed up for.1.

In North Carolina the Gaston Girly Girls and Red Hatters B.A.L.L. chapters chose to take part in a parade together. The Gastonia Christmas Parade was held in Gastonia, North Carolina. They had enjoyable dressing up in the parade. Poodle skirts are very enjoyable costumes to use during parades.2.

The Strawberry Tarts and Motueka Pacific Roses, of New Zealand, hosted a convention together. They desired an adventurous event for everybody. The convention was held at the top of the South Island and they decided to tour the Island.These New Zealand Red Hatters had the ability to cruise up the Abel Tasman National forest shoreline. They took pleasure in dancing, singing to Abba, riding in a double-decker bus, and checking out the Wearable Art Museum. They delighted in wonderful food, taking part in competitors and spoofs, and being together.3. Red Hatters from The Park Neighborhood of Maryland wished to travel. They picked a journey to Delaware in December. They went to the Du Pont Estate in Winterthur, which was dressed up with vacation decors for December.4. Canadian Red Hatters hosted a luncheon together. They welcomed their chapter, and three

other Queens from the location. They even braved taking a picture out in the rain after the luncheon was over.5. The Red Hattitudes of Staten Island, New York, decided to make a trip to Manhatten. They desired to see the top of the Rock, 30 Rockefeller Center. Once on the top they might not stop raving about the beautiful view from up on top.These are just a couple of examples of the enjoyable adventures that Red Hat siblings go on several times a year.

For more fun stories and images of Red Hatters adventures have a look at the Red Hat Society website. You might even be able to discover a photo of the Red Hatters in enjoyable poodle skirts again. These ladies didn’t have to quit poodle skirts when they grew up. Hip Hop 50’s Store focuses on Children and Adult Poodle Skirts, crinoline slips, saddle oxford shoes and total 50’s costumes.

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