With a downward spiral in visitor numbers, the Maltese federal government finally relented to push from the Malta vacations industry and permitted low expense providers to fly to the island for the very first time last year.Competition was keen in between the airlines to take up the lucrative UK to Malta route, and Dublin based Ryanair was selected over competitors easyJet to use up the path, and the island has benefitted this year with a sharp boost in tourists, reversing 6 years of decline.Since then the island’s tourist authorities have lastly waken approximately that competition in the skies might bring more advantages to the country than securing her nationwide airline company, and new routes have actually opened in between Malta with Germany, Spain and Scandanavia.But of all the low cost providers the best understood UK one, easyJet, has been unable to fly to Malta having not reached an amicable arrangement with the island. This is about to change nevertheless, and might see lower cost flights to Malta in 2008, a year when the Malta holidays industry is hoping to augment an effective 2007. easyJet recently bought GB Airways who were franchised by British Airways to fly a number of their European paths- including to Malta, with practical afternoon slots out of London’s Gatwick Airport.’ When we inspected recently to book a Bachelor’s Degree flight from Gatick to Malta for early next summer, it was showing a flight at under 100 sterling, which is quite competitive for an excellent time of day flight, so assumedly easyJet will be running the flights to Malta’, remarks one travel guide for Malta.Rival low cost airline companies may see easyJet’s entry to the Malta market as a back entrance technique, while others in the aviation industry will view the development as nothing unusual when one company takes
over another, and the new routes become part of why a company would wish to purchase another in the first place.The UK market for the Malta vacations market, regardless of the diversity the island has delighted in with more visitors from Germany and Italy, stays an important one and offers more visitors than any other country.Currently for London and the House Counties, the economic powerhouse of the UK economy, low expense airline companies fly from Luton, practical for the northern counties and North London. Gatwick, which is easier for wealthy Surrey and South London, is served by routine carriers.But it is
Gatwick that easyJet will be flying from to Malta, and potentially is the most financially rewarding UK path for a low cost carrier.Figures recently released by the tourist authorities in Malta have shown an increase in the number of British visitors for the very first 7 months of 2007, and it’s the island’s greatest number of Brits for some 6 years.The boost is a remarkable ten per cent rise on the 2006 visitors for the exact same seven months, and it is mostly thanks to the introduction of cheap Malta flights that has sustained the increase.’ The figures confirm that low cost flights are good for the Malta holidays and hotels market ‘, comments one travel guide,’ The launch of low cost flights from Ireland and the UK was constantly going to suggest a boost in visitors from those nations. If the exisiting route from Gatwick to Malta operates as a low expense route also it can only be good news for Malta in 2008. ‘Luqa Airport in Malta and flights to Malta from the UK can be discovered at YourMalta.com In addition to information about Malta airport the travel guide also has the weather condition, a Malta map, Malta hotel reviews, a picture gallery and videos of Malta. campaign